How to invoke Embedded Service Chat on click of a button in Salesforce Site?For custom website(not site), check the following link.

<apex:page ><input type="button" value="Start Chat" onclick="startChat();"/><br/><br/><br/><input type="button" value="Clear Chat Session" onclick="clearSession();"/><br/><!-- Paste your Embedded Service Snippet code here --><script>function startChat() {console.log( 'Inside Start Chat' );embedded_svc.liveAgentAPI.startChat({directToAgentRouting: {buttonId: "5735f000000Tpl7",fallback: true},extraPrechatInfo: [],extraPrechatFormDetails: []});}function clearSession() {console.log( 'Inside Start Chat' );embedded_svc.liveAgentAPI.clearSession();}</script></apex:page>




Technical Blogger, Software Engineer

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Technical Blogger, Software Engineer

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